As most of you know who I am I won't bore you with introductions. That being said I would like to address the current state of Ardentcraft and what our plans are going forward. Currently, we have updated our server to the latest version and we are also working on an FTB - Continuum server as well. While Palofchaos is handling those builds and server setups I am looking at some other builds and game servers we might possibly be interested in bringing back. We have had some very faithful players that stuck around with us and would like to reward them with some extra responsibilities and input if they so choose. As usual, we welcome input and suggestions and would like to offer anyone the chance to step and help out within reason with our movement forward. Feel free to message me via the website and/or discord and I will be happy to hear you out. We hope that this is a new dawn for us and brings us back to our former glory.